PRO Custom Drums TheRock

39.00 excl. vat

TheRock is a kit that lends itself to heavier styles of music and moderate to slow tempos. It contains two big, fat and punchy kick drums for two very distinct purposes. Two snares with lots of body and tone tuned both high and low for different scenarios and a set of four toms ranging from 10” to 18”. The kit used is a huge sounding Tama Starclassic Bubinga with a Premier Brass Snare. These samples have been pre-processed to fit right into your mix with minimal processing. Since pre-processed samples lend themselves to augmentation rather than total replacement, we have chosen just the very best samples from our sessions for this purpose and thus resulting in fewer samples and dynamic levels than you’d find in our larger products.




Check out the audio demos at our Soundcloud channel here:

  • Full kit with two separate kick and snare drums
  • Pre-processed to fit right into your mix
  • Specifically designed for Rock and Metal at slow to medium tempos
  • Delivered for Slate Trigger and Wavemachine Labs Drumagog

Tama Starclassic Bubinga
22” Kick Drum – Original (TheRockKick1)
22″ Kick Drum – Enhanced (TheRockKick2)
10” Rack Tom
12” Rack Tom
16” Floor Tom
18” Floor Tom

(No cymbals)


Premier Brass 14”x5,5″, High-Pitch (TheRockSnr1)
Premier Brass 14”x5,5″, Low-Pitch (TheRockSnr2)

Library is only available as download.