PRO Custom Drums TheCow



TheCow is a sample set like no other!

We have painstakingly sampled every aspect of this monster and let the user unleash all its power from using just two simple sliders. “MORE” and “COWBELL!”

As they say – With great power comes great responsibility.

With this product, that quote has never seemed more fitting.



  • More
  • Cowbell!


  1. Kent (verified owner)

    No indication on the product page that WAV samples are not provided. Disappointed – GOG and TCI will not work with my sampler.

    • Plec (verified owner)

      Hey Kent!

      Sorry to hear about that. We’ve just uploaded the individual WAV-samples to your email adress.
      Hope you get some great usage out of them.


  2. Nevea

    Imponerad av att du är orkar svara på alla frågor, fanstsaitkt ödmjukt gjort. Läste inte alla frågor men förundras över vad folk har för intresse av andra människor, privata saker??? Fortsätt vara dig själv och kör ditt race, det är ju ett val man gör själv, att läsa din blogg! Ha det fint!

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